Harris Brite Wort

Harris Brite Wort (Copper Finings Tablets)

Tablet version of Irish Moss

Kettle finings is used to clarify active proteins and particles during the boiling and cooling of the wort.

This natural seaweed-based carrageenan product is added during the last 15 minutes of the boil.

Brite Wort is negatively charged and links to positively charged proteins as the wort cools.

The resulting clump (fluctuation) falls as sediment to produce a brighter beer.

This makes the later addition of finings more effective in producing a clear beer.

  • Natural product
  • Removes haze-forming materials without affecting head retention
  • Improves fermentation and attenuation
  • Produces brighter worts and makes finings more effective later
  • More efficient than other products such as Irish moss
  • Contains 5 tablets - sufficient for up to 10 brews.

Ingredients: High Potency Kappa Carrageenan


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