Muntons Premium Barley Wine

Muntons Premium - Barley Wine

Muntons Premium Homebrew - Barley Wine

The Muntons Barley Wine kit offers a taste of old-style English ale, known for its strength and complexity.

Craft up to 24 pints of extra-strong beer, and savour its richness and depth – a perfect choice for special occasions.

Barley wines are often appreciated by beer enthusiasts, serve un-chilled to fully appreciate its robust body and flavour.


  • ABV: 6% Approx.
  • Colour: Reddish Amber
  • Malt: Medium to High
  • Hop / Key Ingredient: Medium hop
  • Yields: 24 Pints / 13.6L
  • OG: 1060° to 1064°.
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

What Equipment You Will Need:

  • Fermenter or Bucket
  • Airlock
  • Hydrometer
  • Thermometer
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Syphon
  • Cleaner & Steriliser
  • Carbonation Drops or Priming Sugar
  • Bottles or Pressure Barrel

Why Choose Muntons Premium Beer Kits?

Muntons Premium Beer Kits are highly regarded in the homebrewing community, known for their top-quality ingredients and diverse beer styles.

Crafted from uniquely developed malt extracts and premium hops, these kits offer a taste of global flavours right in your home.

With a commitment to maintaining their original formulations, Muntons ensures consistent quality across their range, which includes styles from various parts of the world. Whether you're a novice or an experienced homebrewer, Muntons Premium Beer Kits guarantee an enjoyable and cost-effective brewing experience.

Muntons Premium Homebrew Beer Kits

You will require 1kg of brewing sugar to make the Muntons Premium Barley Wine Kit.


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