Cellar 7 Wine Kit, Merlot Blush

Cellar 7 - Merlot Blush - 30 Bottle Wine Kit

Cellar 7 Merlot Blush Wine Kit

Cellar 7 Merlot Blush is a wine making kit that requires no sugar and produces up to 30 bottles of homemade wine in just 7-10 days.

This merlot blush has crisp, tangy fruit and elegantly full flavours of black cherries and herbs, this is a deliciously refreshing style of rosé.

If you're not normally a rose drinker this tasty example will convert you, deep in colour yet light and fruity.

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Each Cellar 7 Wine Kit contains all the essential ingredients and 5 litres of European grape concentrate with easy-to-follow instructions.

With the producers' many years of expertise, they have put together some of the most popular styles available.

Providing excellent value for money of good quality home brew wine at a fraction of the cost of supermarket wine.

The quick turnaround makes this range of wine kits very popular for parties and events but like any wine, it gets better with age.

If you have patience, let it mature away for a couple of months, and you'll notice a depth of taste.

All you will need is some basic home brew equipment and bottles.

Cellar 7 Merlot Blush Instructions


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