Harris Suresan No Rinse Sanitiser

Harris SureSan - 1kg - No Rinse Sanitiser

Sodium Percarbonate - Non-Rinse Sanitiser

Harris SureSan 1kg is classed as a no-rinse sanitiser since it is non-toxic and will not add any flavours.

It is made from Sodium Percarbonate which breaks down into Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Carbonate when dissolved in water.

The peroxide acts as a non-chlorine bleaching agent, which is highly effective for contact sanitising surfaces and equipment.

It breaks down after 1 hour to the harmless residual products of oxygen and water - hence no additional rining is required.

There will be a residual element of Sodium Carbonate that remains.

Many users still prefer to give the equipment a quick rinse with cold water to remove this, even though it is harmless.


  • Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Suresan with 1-2litres of warm water.
  • Ensure the solution is in contact with all parts or areas to be sanitised.
  • Use within 1 hour of preparation.

We have used this product ourselves extensively and find it most useful when sterilizing our beer bottles.

Cleaning and sanitizing all your home brew equipment is a major factor to ensure you make a successful brew.

After we have used any brewing equipment we will use a "heavy-duty" cleaner - there are many to pick from.

Before we use the equipment again we will then use a no-rinse sanitiser - SureSan & Chemipro are great examples.

We find this practice works for us and it is a good habit to ensure everything is in tip-top condition.


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