Trub Filter Straining Bag

Trub Filter - 25 Micron Straining Bag

Trub Filter - 25 Micron Filter Bag for Homebrewing

The Trub Filter is your essential tool for achieving crystal-clear beer, every time. This high-quality, 25-micron filter bag is specially designed to remove dead yeast and hop residue, leaving your brew pure and perfectly ready for bottling or barreling. The filter bag is perfect for clarifying beer, wort, fruit wines, sloe gin, and other liqueur infusions.

Why Use a Trub Filter?

The art of homebrewing can be a messy business. The boiling and fermentation processes can leave a sediment known as trub at the bottom of your brewing vessel. This can lead to a hazy appearance and unwanted flavours in your beer. But, fear not! The Trub Filter is designed to tackle this issue head-on. By effectively removing these solid particles, the trub filter enhances the clarity of your beer, contributes to a better flavour profile, and prevents clogs or blockages in your brewing equipment. Now, isn't that a triple win?

Versatile and Easy to Use

The Trub Filter isn't just for beer. Whether you're brewing wort, fruit wines, sloe gin, or other liqueur infusions, the filter bag is designed to handle it all. Made of a thick 25-micron mesh, this filter bag will effectively remove a wide variety of solids from your ferment or brew kettle. And using it couldn't be easier. Simply place the filter bag into the neck of your fermenter, barrel, or bucket, and syphon your brew through. For buckets, you may need a little help to hold the bag, or you could use a hook or clip. It's that simple!

Caring for Your Trub Filter

After use, remember to wash the bag thoroughly and leave it to dry completely. This prevents any lingering flavours or aromas that could spoil your next brew. We recommend using a non-rinse steriliser to avoid chemical contamination. Properly cared for, your Trub Filter will keep your brews clear and delicious for many brewing sessions to come.

The Trub Filter is approximately 23cm long (9") and 10.5cm (4") wide.


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