11 Litre Glass Carboy

Glass Carboy - 11 Litre

An Italian-made straight-sided traditional glass carboy, a great alternative to a demijohn when producing more.

Glass carboys have long been the preferred fermentation vessel for many homebrewers.

Can be used as a primary fermenter for beer/cider (with a blow-off hose) or a secondary fermenter for wine.


  • Glass carboys are airtight, making them impervious to oxygen that can harm your homebrew.
  • They are easy to sanitize, do not hold an odour, and do not scratch easily when cleaned.
  • Especially popular among winemakers intending to age their wine in bulk before bottling.

Specification approx.

  • Diameter: 23cm
  • Maximum Height: 43cm
  • Neck External: 55mm
  • Neck Internal: 32mm
  • Max Volume: approx 25 Litres


  • There is a small casting flaw/line at the base of the fermenter on the outside.
  • Do not subject to extremes or rapid changes in temperatures.
  • The neck diameter is slightly wider than a 5l demijohn so these corks/bungs will not work.
  • Please see the related products below for suitable corks/bungs/caps.

If handled carefully, a glass carboy will last decades while giving the same great performance for fermentations.

There really is no substitute for the inertness of glass and which is what we use and can recommend.

In common with the shipping of all glass products, there is an attendant risk of breakage, which we have both minimised & will rectify for shipments within the U.K only (not abroad).


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