Keg King Apollo 60l

Apollo 60L Unitank - Pressure Fermenter

Keg King Apollo - 60L Unitank

The Apollo 60L is the largest P.E.T. unitank with the highest level of control.

This pressure fermenter is perfect for fresh wort or brewing kits, the easiest way to brew good beer.

Minimise oxidisation through pressure fermentation.

What are the benefits of fermenting under pressure?

  • Overall reduction in yeast ester and fusel production.
  • Ferment at higher temperatures without producing off-flavours.
  • Naturally carbonated beer from CO2 generated during fermentation (Rather than waiting over another week for carbonation)
  • Due to the closed fermentation, aroma compounds remain in the beer and aren’t blown off.
  • You can serve beer directly from uni tanks, counter pressure fill bottles or easily transfer the beer into kegs using pressure.
  • Fantastic for fermenting lagers with the lower ester production and the ability to brew at 21°C to obtain a traditional lager flavour.

Easy to use, powerful design provides brewers with the ability to:

  • Ferment Under Pressure - Max Pressure 2.4BAR (35PSI)
  • Clarify and Collect Yeast
  • Dryhop Sanitarily
  • Carbonate
  • Monitor Internal Temperature
  • Serve

Features of the new flexible Gen 3 Design that provides brewers with:

  • New Plunger Valve – More Sanitary and easy to use
  • New Thermowell – Get true liquid temperature readings
  • New Floating Dip Tube – Fixed central tank position
  • New Dry Hop Port - Wider access lid port for easy dryhopping.
  • New Tri-clover Compatibility – attach any number of 2inch tri-clover accessories
  • Optional Temp Control – Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally
  • CIP Capable – Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy Clean In Place clean up
  • Compatible with Gen 1 collection bottles


  • 60L/15.8G Conical Fermenter Tank
  • Collection Bottle
  • Plunge Dump Valve/Thermowell
  • Stainless Steel Stand with Castors
  • Third Generation Pressure Lid
  • Floating Dip Tube with Centre Tank Alignment


  • 1150mm Height from castor wheels to top of plunge valve in closed position.
  • 1175mm Height from castor wheels to top of plunge valve in open position.
  • 450mm wide across base of frame.

Designed and Manufactured in Victoria, Australia by MCH Australia P/L as Keg-King.

Click here for a video.

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