Wine making equipment for wine kit 6 bottles

Superior Wine Starter Kit - Equipment for 6 Bottles

Unleash Your Inner Vintner: Beginner's Wine Making Kit

Discover the joy and satisfaction of creating your own wine at home with our beginner's wine making kit.

Ideal for those who love to explore and create, this kit sets the foundation for making wine from scratch or using a wine kit.

Our beginner's wine making kit is thoughtfully curated to include all the essential equipment you need to produce 6 bottles of exquisite homemade wine.

Your Complete Wine Making Kit: What's Included?

  • 5L Glass Demijohn x 1
  • 10L food grade Fermentation Bucket x 1
  • Rubber Bung with Airlock x 1
  • Syphon tubing with a small tap x1
  • Sediment trap x 1
  • Hydrometer x 1
  • Stick on Thermometer x 1
  • Steriliser x 1

Note: The kit requires a wine ingredient kit and 6 empty wine bottles with corks, which are not included.

From Scratch or Kit: You Decide

Whether you're a hands-on enthusiast wanting to make wine from scratch or prefer the convenience of a wine kit, our equipment supports both approaches.

For beginners seeking guidance, check out our comprehensive guide to wine making at Wine Making for Beginners.

The Joy of Creating Your Wine

Our kit is not just about producing wine; it's about the experience and joy of creation.

Learn the nuances of fermentation and flavour development, and take pride in crafting something uniquely yours.

Why Choose Our Wine Making Kit?

Perfect for beginners and adaptable for experienced wine makers, our kit is versatile and user-friendly:

  • Adaptability: Suitable for various wine making approaches.
  • Quality Equipment: Durable and reliable tools.
  • Support and Guidance: Access to online resources and customer support.

Begin your wine making adventure with confidence, knowing you have the right tools and support to succeed!


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