Dried Elderberries - 500g

Dried Elderberries

Often called the "Englishman’s grape", elderberries are among the best fruits for making wine in the UK.

You will find that elderberry is often added to grape wines by commercial wineries to boost tannin and colour.

Elderberries will produce a rich full-bodied wine, high in citric, malic & fumaric acids this brings balance to the finished wine.

Many country wines require the addition of mixed acid, otherwise, the wine will taste flat or flabby.

As dehydrated fruits contribute more than fresh fruits, their rate of use must be adjusted accordingly when following recipes.

The rate of use can therefore be adjusted from 1/3 - 1/5 of the fresh, dependent on personal taste.

Not limited to just winemaking you can add elderberries to your homebrew cider or beer.


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