Superior Wine Starter Kit - 6 Bottle Rose Wine Kit & Equipment

This home brew wine making kit for beginners contains all the basic equipment and one of the best wine kits for 6 bottles.

Making wine from home couldn't be cheaper and accessible, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

From start to finish this wine kit will be ready to drink in 4 -5 weeks approx.

Like all wines the longer you can keep it in the bottle the more it will develop in quality.

What's Included

  • A versatile Glass Demijohn Fermenter x 1
  • 10L food grade Fermentation Bucket x 1
  • Bung with airlock x 1
  • Syphon tubing with a small tap x1
  • Sediment trap x 1
  • Hydrometer x 1
  • Stick on Thermometer x 1
  • Steriliser x 1
  • Beaverdale 6 Bottle Wine Kit x 1

Blush a light and refreshing wine, almost rosé in style; one of the many styles of blush wines to follow in the footsteps of the Zinfandel blush.

Grenache Rose a light coloured, full bodied wine endowed with deep notes of strawberry and raspberry.

The only additional items you will need is the water, and 6 empty wine bottles with corks.


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