Roasted Barley

Roasted Barley (Simpsons & Crisp)

English Roasted Barley

Made from unmalted barley and a typical ingredient of dry Irish Stouts.

The colour produced can be almost opaque and the flavour is similar to a dark, bitter roast coffee.

In stouts, a combination of Chocolate, Black Malt and Roast Barley gives excellent complexity and balance.

Remember that these dark grains will have an acidifying effect on the mash, so ensure your salts have been adjusted adequately.

  • Colour EBC: 1200 - 1900
  • Tasting: Coffee Beans
  • Usage: Up to 5%
  • Beer Styles: Irish Stout, Heavy, Imperial Stout, Session Bitter, English ESB

Roasted malts can impart a variety of flavours and aromas or adjust the colour, bitterness, body and mouthfeel.

Subject to current stock levels, malt is available in bags of 500g and 3 kg.


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