Solomon Grundy Platinum Wine Kit - Sauvignon Blanc

SG Wines - Platinum - Sauvignon Blanc

SG Platinum Wine Kit - Sauvignon Blanc (formerly Solomon Grundy)

Experience the exhilaration of crafting your own crisp, aromatic white wine with the SG Platinum Sauvignon Blanc Wine Kit.

In merely 7-10 days, this wine making kit empowers you to produce up to 30 bottles of premium Sauvignon Blanc, without the need for added sugar.

Formerly known as Solomon Grundy, SG Wines embarks on a fresh journey, while unswervingly maintaining its commitment to delivering top-quality homemade wine kits.

Wine Profile

The SG Platinum Sauvignon Blanc crafts a bright, off-dry white wine, characterized by its fruit notes and understated herbaceous complexity.

As refreshing as it is aromatic, this Sauvignon Blanc is truly a delight to the senses.

  • Makes: 30 Bottles/22.5 L
  • Approx ABV: 10.5%

What's in the box?

  • 5 litres of meticulously selected grape juice concentrate to establish the foundation for your wine.
  • A stabilizer sachet to preserve your wine's superior quality.
  • A sachet of wine yeast and nutrients to catalyse fermentation.
  • Wine finings A & B to enhance the clarity of your wine, boosting its visual appeal.
  • Detailed, user-friendly instructions to guide you on your exhilarating brewing journey.

This wine kit requires basic brewing equipment, as well as bottles and corks, similar to the previous Solomon Grundy Platinum range.

SG Wines Platinum Range

SG Wines Platinum range differentiates itself with its innovative approach to packaging.

The grape juice concentrate is preserved in nitrogen-flushed pouches, thwarting oxidation and ensuring optimal freshness and flavour preservation.

The Platinum range of SG Wines offers top-quality, sugar-free wine at a surprisingly economical price point, delivering excellent value for your money.

It is an optimal choice for those hosting gatherings or events, its rapid brewing time ensuring you never run short of good wine.

If you can exercise patience and allow the wine to mature for a few months, you'll be rewarded with a richness of flavour that continually deepens and evolves, resulting in an even more exquisite tasting experience.

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