Simply Bitter Beer Kit

Simply Bitter Beer Kit - Your Gateway to Classic British Best Bitter

The Simply Bitter Beer Kit is your ticket to brewing a traditional British Best Bitter right at home.

Designed to be approachable for beginners while still satisfying seasoned brewers, this kit offers a convenient and economical way to produce your favourite beer style.

What's in the Kit?

Each beer making kit includes 1.8 kg of high-quality liquid malt extract and yeast, coupled with detailed instructions.

Capable of yielding up to 23 litres, or roughly 40 pints of beer, this kit requires the addition of 1 kg of brewing sugar for completion.

For those looking to elevate the flavour, body, head retention, and overall mouthfeel of their brew, we recommend replacing the sugar with a beer enhancer, spray malt or liquid malt extract.

Brewing Made Simple with Simply Beer Kits

Utilising the latest in technology and packaging, Simply Beer Kits incorporate a "cold-filled" process similar to that used in Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Brewery Pouches.

This innovative design ensures freshness and allows for easy preparation.

Simply Beer Kits have earned their popularity among home brewers, especially those who are new to the craft or appreciate an uncomplicated brewing process.

To get started all that's needed is some basic brewing equipment, and once the beer is ready, bottles or a keg will be necessary for storage.

This ensures the freshness and quality of your homebrew is maintained.

Set off on your home brewing adventure with the Simply Bitter Beer Kit, and relish the excitement of creating and tasting your very own traditional British Best Bitter beer.


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