Youngs American Mocha Porter

Youngs American - Mocha Porter - Beer Kit

Young's A.M.P (American Mocha Porter)

Youngs American Mocha Porter is an all-inclusive real ale brewing kit that produces up to 30 pints of home brew beer at approx 5.8% ABV.

This real ale home brew kit requires no additional sugar, all you will just need is some basic equipment and bottles or a keg.

Beer Profile

Youngs American Mocha Porter is a modern take on the traditional Stouts and Porters, popular in Britain since the 1700s.

Pouring dark Chocolate with a big white, fluffy head, this beer flaunts a wonderfully intense aroma.

Coffee and Chocolate essence reinforce and magnify the naturally rich and roast character of the malts.

A beer that is sure to delight dark beer lovers, Coffee addicts and Chocoholics alike.

Young's American Beers Kits

Young's Premium 40-pint ale kits have been developed to bring the best of American craft philosophy to the UK.

This Porter beer kit is ready in only 21-28 days, depending on fermenting & conditioning temperatures. 

Youngs American Mocha Porter Instructions


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