Counter Flow Wort Chiller - Stainless Steel 12 Plate - With Hose Connections

Fast cooler!

Chill your wort as the professional breweries do using this ultra compact plate heat exchanger.

This homebrew version of a professional plate heat exchanger comes with 12 stainless steel plates .

No pump required (gravity feed is sufficient) & unlike its immersion counterpart does not sit in the wort.

Cools 20 litres of hot wort to 20°C in under 10 minutes

Disturbance of the precipitation of the hot trub is kept to a minimum and because of the quick cool contamination of the wort is likewise minimised.

The cooler is easy to use and to clean with the water-use limited.

Well worth the investment for the brewer aiming for the highest quality.

It is supplied complete with 4 3/4" BSP pipe fittings to take 13mm (1/2") tubing.

Use the Aquafit fit tubing for the wort & the braided for the water.


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