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Crisp Pale Ale Malt: Traditional British Base Malt

Crisp Best Ale Malt, a premium 2-row barley sourced from top-quality Norfolk-grown winter malting barley.

This exceptional base malt can be used in a variety of beer style but most commonly used in the brewing of English Ales and IPAs.

Produced from quality UK two-row barley, crisp pale ale malt is well-modified with good extract and enzymic activity.

It undergoes a slightly darker kilning process compared to standard pale ale malts such as Maris Otter.

As a result, it boasts a more nuanced flavour profile with delicate hints of biscuit or bread.

Its balanced flavour profile and slight sweetness make it a popular choice among brewers looking to add depth and complexity to their beers.

Overall Crisp Best Ale Malt is highly versatile and can be used to balance the hoppiness of beers, as well as provide a robust malty character.


  • Colour EBC: 4.5 - 7.5
  • Tasting: Rich Malty, Balanced Malt Sweetness
  • Usage: Up to 100%
  • Beer Styles: Pale Ale, Mild, Porter, Stout, Barley Wine, IPA
  • Substitute: Maris Otter, Golden Promise

Beer Styles

Crisp Best Ale Malt is most commonly used to produce traditional English ales, Bitters and hoppy IPAs.

You will also find great success in other beer styles such as American ales, porters, stouts, and Barley Wines.

Malt Substitution

When making traditional English ales, popular substitutes for Crisp Best Ale Malt include Maris Otter or Golden Promise.

While any 2-row pale ale malt can be used, it's important to note that each malt has its own unique flavour profile.

To find the best substitute for a specific beer recipe, it's a good idea to experiment with different options.

Subject to current stock levels, malt is available in bags of 500g, 3kg, and 25kg.


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