Northern Brewer Hops 100g

Northern Brewer Hops 100g

Northern Brewer Hops: Distinctively Woody and Minty

Introducing the Northern Brewer Hops, a variety celebrated for its distinctively woody, resinous character with an undercurrent of mint. The unique blend of flavors this hop imparts to beer has made it a popular choice among home and professional brewers alike, especially for lagers.

Northern Brewer Hops Flavour

Northern Brewer hops are appreciated for their robust bittering qualities and the unique flavours they impart. These hops are known for their distinctive piney and minty characteristics, along with a hint of grassy undertones. These flavours provide an interesting twist to your brew and bring complexity and depth to the palate.

Northern Brewer Hops Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 7-11%
  • Beta Acid: 3.5-5.5%
  • Characteristics: Woody, Piney, Minty
  • Substitute: Chinook, Northdown

Northern Brewer Hops Substitute

If you can't find Northern Brewer hops for your next brew, Chinook and Northdown hops can be reliable alternatives. Both offer a complex blend of flavours that can mimic the unique characteristics of Northern Brewer.

Pairing Northern Brewer Hops

Northern Brewer hops blend well with a variety of other hop varieties, creating a symphony of flavours in your brew. Pairing them with the likes of Fuggles hops can add a layer of earthy tones.

Beer Styles Using Northern Brewer Hops

Northern Brewer hops are versatile and find their way into many beer styles. Their unique flavour profile makes them a perfect match for traditional lagers, but they also shine in stouts and porters, where their woody, minty tones can balance the rich malt flavours.

Whether you're crafting a traditional lager or experimenting with a hop-forward IPA, Northern Brewer hops are a worthy addition to your brewing ingredient roster.


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