700ml Clear Glass Screw Top Bottles

Glass Screw Top Bottles - 700ml - 15 Pack

Glass Screw Top Bottles

A 70cl screw top clear glass bottle suitable for liqueurs, wines and spirits.

Priced at a rate equivalent to £1.50 per bottle these 700ml clear Screw top bottles are an excellent medium in which to store your sparkling wine, spirits & cider to allow them to mature & develop.

These are ideal if you are bottling drinks that will not be kept for prolonged periods of time.

The screw tops are quick-fascile & with care, and are re-usable.

They also obviate the necessity of having a capper/caps or corker/corks.

Whilst separate caps are not currently available, please see below for a serviceable alternative.

In common with the shipping of all glass products, there is an attendant risk of breakage, which we have minimised but in the event of breakage will refund or credit on the provision of proof such as a picture - within the U.K.

20mm Internal Diameter.

For larger quantities please multiply using the options below.


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