Complete Cider Making Kit for Beginners with all essential fermentation equipment and cider kit.

Cider Making Starter Kit For Beginners

Cider Making Kit for Beginners: The Perfect Gift for Aspiring Brewers

Embark on a delightful cider-making journey right from the comfort of your home with our cider making kit for beginners.

Designed especially for newcomers, this kit is the dream gift for anyone who's ever wanted to craft their own refreshing apple cider.

With all the essential home brewing equipment and premium cider kit included, you'll be sipping on your homemade cider in no time.

What's included?

  • Fermentation Vessel: A 25-litre bucket with grommet lid and clear volumetric scale.
  • Airlock: Efficient airlock designed for the grommet
  • Hydrometer: Beer and wine hydrometer for accurate ABV measurements
  • Syphon: 3 Piece syphon kit, including tubing, sediment trap and inline tap
  • Thermometer: Self-adhesive liquid crystal thermometer for monitoring brewing temperatures
  • Aeration Apparatus: Sturdy Food grade mixing paddle/spoon
  • Cleaner: Tub of top-grade cleaner & steriliser ensuring a clean brewing environment
  • Cider Kit: A high-quality apple cider kit producing a light and refreshing cider with crisp aroma and delicate apple flavour.
  • Dextrose: 1kg of brewing sugar to enhance fermentation and produce a cleaner, crisper-tasting final product

A Little Extra for the Eager Brewer:

Craving more guidance? Ask for our detailed A4 brewing instruction sheet.

Specify your preference for barrelling or bottling, and we'll tailor the guide accordingly.

Please note, for the final storage of your brew, you'll need to procure bottles or a barrel separately.


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