Basic Fermentation Equipment Kit

Handcraft Supplies - Basic Fermentation Equipment Kit

Home Brewing Starter Kit

Handcraft Supplies Fermentation Equipment Kit contains the essential equipment items you require for your fermentation needs.

Whether you're making a beer, cider, wine, or wash for distilling, this kit enables you to get your fermentation underway and completed successfully.

What's Included?

  • 30 L Fermenter with Lid and Grommet x 1
  • Airlock x 1
  • Fermenter Tap x 1
  • Hydrometer x 1
  • Thermometer x 1
  • Mixing Spoon x 1
  • Cleaner / Steriliser x 1

Feel free to ask for our A4 sheet of precise brewing instructions specifying whether you prefer to barrel or bottle.

The only additional items you will need are either bottles or a barrel for when your brew is ready.

324:1, 2305:1

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