False Bottom - Quality Stainless Steel - 12"

A 12" diameter False Bottom made from high quality perforated, domed stainless steel which can used to convert a bucket into a lauter tun for sparging.

The height of the dome is 3/4″. There is a 5/16″ diameter 90° stainless steel elbow with a barbed hose fitting in the center to draw the wort from beneath the dome.

To use this, place it in the bottom of a container such as a flat bottomed bucket. The inside diameter at the base of the container needs to be larger than the 12" diameter of the false bottom but it does not matter if it is a bit bigger.

A pipe then needs to be connected from the barbed steel elbow and out through the side of the vessel, ensuring a leak proof fit, to allow the separated wort to be drawn from under the dome and out to the receiving boiler.

If this outlet pipe is fitted with a tap the liquid level in the lauter tun can be controlled to prevent the mash from drying so ensuring that an efficient sparge is achieved.

Samples of the runnings can be collected and their gravity checked to ensure that the maximum extract is achieved whilst preventing oversparging.


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