Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner Beer Kit

Muntons Gold - Continental Pilsner - Beer Kit

Brew Authentic European Lager at Home with Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner Beer Kit

Brew up to 40 pints of classic European-style pilsner at home with the Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner Beer Kit.

Produces a beer with a delicate balance of natural hop bitterness and malt sweetness, resulting in a light yet richly satisfying pilsner.

You can brew a beer of the highest quality that comply with the 15th-century German purity law, the “Reinheitsgebot.”

This premium kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, and requires no additional brewing sugar.

For enthusiasts looking to craft a stronger beer, consider adding up to 500g of light spray malt to the brewing process.

Beer Characteristics:

  • ABV: Approx. 4.5%
  • Yield: 40 Pints (23 Litres)
  • Colour: Pale Straw

Kit Contents:

  • 3 kg of High-Quality Malt Extract
  • Yeast
  • Instructions

Muntons have become a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food & drinks industry worldwide.

Muntons Gold Range offers a collection of European beverages, producing superb beers that are balanced to their style.


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