Carafa Special I Malt

Carafa Special I Malt (Weyermann)

Carafa Special Type 1 Malt

This grain imparts a coffee-brown colour to the beer, with a coffee-like bouquet and dark beer aroma.

Enhances the body and mouthfeel of the finished beer but without introducing harsh astringency and bitterness.

  • Colour EBC: 800 - 1000
  • Tasting: Coffee, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate
  • Usage: Up to 10%
  • Beer Styles: Porter, Stout, Brown Ales, Bock, Doppelbock, Schwartzbier.

Roasted malts can impart a variety of flavours and aromas or adjust the colour, bitterness, body and mouthfeel.

Subject to current stock levels, malt is available in bags of 500g and 3 kg.


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