Whisky Malt Lightly Peated (Castle Malting)

Castle Malt Whisky malt is smoked during kilning with the finest Scottish peat.

Imparts a delicate peat and smoke character, an ideal ingredient for creating a unique whisky.

In higher proportions this malt gives your whisky a rich smoky and peaty flavour. Contains gluten.

Produced from the highest quality 2-row summer barley and excellent brewing performance with high yields.

Colour EBC: 4.0 | Tasting: Peat and Smoke| PPM: 

Specialty Malts are typically used in smaller quantities as they tend to have a dramatic impact on the flavour, mouthfeel, and colour of the beer.

Malts available pre-crushed in bags of 500g, 3kg & 25kg subject to current stock levels.


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