Tom Caxton Real Ale

Tom Caxton - Real Ale - Beer Kit

Tom Caxton Home Brew Beer Kit - Real Ale

Tom Caxton Real Ale produces a thirst-quenching and satisfying ale that accompanied every meal in the Middle Ages.

Includes a unique hop extract sachet, that will give your beer a wonderful aroma of country hops.

Tom Caxton Real Ale beer kit includes 1.8kg of top-quality malt extract, yielding up to 40 pints of delicious home brew beer.

With an ABV of around 4.5%, all you will need is some basic homebrewing equipment, 1kg of brewing sugar and water.

If you are looking to up your brewing game and experience a rich beer with enhanced flavour, body, head retention and mouthfeel.

Then we recommend swapping out the brewing sugar for a Beer Enhancer or Liquid Beer Kit Enhancer 2.

Whether you're a fan of light, refreshing lagers or full-bodied, rich ales, Tom Caxton Beer Kits have something for everyone.

Tom Caxton Real Ale Beer Kit Instructions

Tom Caxton

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