Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter

Tom Caxton - Yorkshire Bitter - Beer Kit

Tom Caxton Home Brew Beer Kit - Yorkshire Bitter

Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter is rich red-brown in colour and full of flavour, a classic North of England style.

If you like your bitter slightly sweeter and more rounded, you’ll really appreciate this Traditional Yorkshire Bitter.

Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter beer kit that includes 1.8kg of top-quality malt extract, yielding up to 40 pints of delicious home brew beer.

With an ABV of around 4.5%, all you will need is some basic homebrewing equipment, 1kg of brewing sugar and water.

If you are looking to up your brewing game and experience a rich beer with enhanced flavour, body, head retention and mouthfeel.

Then we recommend swapping out the brewing sugar for a Beer Enhancer or Liquid Beer Kit Enhancer 2.

Whether you're a fan of light, refreshing lagers or full-bodied, rich ales, Tom Caxton Beer Kits have something for everyone.

Tom Caxton Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit Instructions

Tom Caxton

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