Vinegar Culture 100ml

Vinegar can only be produced from alcoholic beverages such as cider, wines etc.

The initial culturing beverage needs to be dry & low in alcohol, less than 8% abv is recommended.

It works better if the beverage does not have too many residual sulphites - if any.

This culture should be initially used to make 0.5 litre of vinegar which can then be grown on to produce up to 5 litres which should be ready in approximately 2 months.

To obtain a high quality vinegar we advise pasteurising the beverage by keeping it at a temperature of 60°C for about 10 minutes.

Then cool it to 30 °C after pasteurisation before adding the vinegar culture.

Acetic bacteria thrive well in warmth and work best at a temperature of 30 °C.

Higher temperatures will kill them and at lower temperatures they become inactive.

Follow the simple instructions & you will have quality vinegar in two shakes.

It is good practice not to produce vinegar in the same place as you make wine as the acetic bacteria in the vinegar can turn the fermenting wine into more vinegar than you intended to make!

Contents 100ml.


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