Saaz Hops 100g

Saaz Hops: A Noble Choice with Classic Aroma

Belonging to the quartet of original Noble hops, Saaz Hops bring a distinctive and classic aroma to the brewing scene. They're widely recognized for their prominent use in Bohemian Lagers and Pilsners, not to mention the world-renowned Stella Artois. With their unique floral, earthy, and mildly herbal profile, Saaz Hops have etched an indelible mark in the brewing world.

Saaz Hops Flavour

Saaz Hops are renowned for their highly distinct flavour profile, presenting a fascinating combination of floral, earthy, and mild herbal characteristics. This unique amalgamation of flavours provides a nuanced complexity to any brew, elevating the overall sensory experience. The balance of these flavours is what makes Saaz Hops a noble choice for brewers worldwide.

Saaz Hops Profile

  • Origin: Czech
  • Alpha Acid: 2-5%
  • Beta Acid: 4-8%
  • Characteristics: Floral, Earthy, Mild, Herbal
  • Substitute: Tettnang

Saaz Hops Substitute

When substituting Saaz Hops, Tettnang is a great alternative. Tettnang Hops, another noble variety, mirror the mild, floral, and earthy tones of Saaz Hops, thus preserving the unique character of your brew while offering a touch of German influence.

Pairing Saaz Hops

When it comes to pairing, Saaz Hops show excellent compatibility with hops such as Hallertau and Willamette. Hallertau, a German hop variety, enhances the herbal and floral notes of Saaz, while Willamette, with its floral and fruity character, complements the earthy undertones of Saaz. This hop pairing results in a brew with an enriched and balanced profile.

Beer Styles Using Saaz Hops

Saaz Hops are the soul of various beer styles, especially those with a traditional European touch. Be it the crisp and refreshing Lager, the smooth and tangy Wheat, or the rich and robust Pilsner, Saaz Hops infuse a unique charm and classic aroma into these beer styles, making every sip a celebration of tradition.


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