Bulldog Brews Hammer of Thor

Bulldog Brews Hammer of Thor - Lager Beer Kit

Bulldog Beer Kit - Hammer of Thor Special Gravity Lager

This premium home brew kit produces up to 40 pints and requires no additional sugar.

With 4.7Kgs of malt extracts and made with special craft yeast to produce a beer full of potency with 6% ABV approx.

Hammer of Thor is a special gravity lager that produces a soft liquid golden touch, good body and refreshing bitterness.

Colour: 8-10 EBC | Bitterness: 25-35 EBU | Hops: Saaz & Hallertau

Bulldog Brew Kits use up to third more malts and extracts than most beer kits to significantly raise the quality of the beers produced.

They take the established traditional quality and then add the latest brewing technology to give the best possible quality home brew beer-making experience.

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