Gervin GV13 Cider Yeast

Gervin GV13 - Cider Yeast

Gervin Cider Yeast GV13

This cider yeast is perfect for the rapid and clean fermentation of all types of cider.

This 5gm sachet is sufficient for up to 23 Litres - simply sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the surface of the juice.

ABV Tolerance: 18% | Temperature: 15 - 25c

We recommend using a yeast nutrient to boost fermentation quality, this improves yeast health, resulting in faster fermentation.

If you prefer a drier cider with quicker clarification and better attenuation then we recommend using a pectin enzyme.

If you do not want a dry cider but prefer it to be clear then we suggest taking Harris Cider Brite Finings.


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