Harris cider yeast

Harris Premium Cider Yeast

Harris Cider Yeast

This premium cider yeast will ensure that you achieve a good clean fermentation and produce the best flavour from your fruit.

A low foaming premium cider yeast that has a high sulphur dioxide tolerance, fermentation can begin even with some traces of SO2.

The strain can also tolerate high levels of other stress factors such as organic acids, incorrect temperature and incorrect acid levels.

This sachet is sufficient for up to 23 Litres - simply sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the surface of your brew.

Harris Cider yeast will perform best in temperatures of 20-24C, this strain is capable of fermenting between 10-35C.

Making a Yeast Starter

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and the contents of the sachet to a glass with about 50ml of warm water. (approx. 20 °C)
  • Cover the glass with a clean plate and simply leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Before you empty the glass of yeast into your brew we recommend vigorously stirring your cider/beer/wine.
  • The more oxygen introduced before you put the yeast on will promote a strong healthy fermentation.

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