Fermtech Wine Thief

Fermtech Wine Thief

Fermtech Wine Thief for Homebrewing and Winemaking

The Fermtech Wine Thief takes the guesswork out of brewing and winemaking by enabling easy and efficient sampling of wine or beer directly from your fermenting vessel or ageing barrel. This specialized tool ensures minimal disturbance to the sediment while preventing oxygen introduction, providing you with accurate samples each time.

Product Specifications

  • Allows you to fit a hydrometer within the device eliminating the need for a separate trial jar. 
  • The clear, easy-to-clean acrylic material allows you to visibly track your liquid sample.
  • Measuring approximately 51cm in length, the Fermtech Wine Thief is designed for deep-container sampling.
  • Its 3cm diameter makes it more suited for buckets, glass carboys or larger fermenters.

How to use the Fermetch Wine Thief

  • Start by placing your standard hydrometer inside the Wine Thief.
  • A quick, one-time dip into your fermenter or barrel is all it takes to draw a sample.
  • A gentle twist of the Wine Thief will dislodge any trapped bubbles, ensuring an accurate reading.
  • As it floats, it will begin to read the specific gravity of your brew sample.
  • With your sample now inside the Wine Thief, you can take a moment to read the hydrometer and track the progress of your fermentation.
  • Once you've taken your reading, gently touch the Wine Thief's tip to the side of your fermenter or barrel to return the sample to its container.

The Fermtech Wine Thief will not fit a standard 1-gallon UK demijohn, we recommend using a 40ml Wine Pipette.


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Jun 23, 2023
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