Better Brew Czech Pilsner Lager

A refreshingly light and hoppy Czech style of pilsner.

Makes 40 beautiful pints averaging 4.8% ABV.

Each kit contains a massive 2.1kg of extract, needs the addition of 1kg of brewing sugar, and 

Alternatively you can substitute the dextrose for beer enhancer or dried malt extract for a fuller bodied beer.

Range Information

Value through simplicity.

Concentrated brewers wort.

These beer kits are the first generation of the new pouch style kits, no tins.

Each contain the best liquid malt extracts and specifically dedicated yeast strains from across the world.

Great feedback!

Packaging these quality ingredients in stand up pouches rather than in expensive tin cans enables the amount of extract in each variety to be maximised & varied so producing a beer truly authentic to style.

This range is totally natural therefore containing no additives, preservatives or colourings.

Great for economic international delivery.

Detailed simple instructions.

Superb value!


4.00/5 - 1 review

Oct 18, 2023
I bought this kit as a “one I've never done before” to use as footage for my YouTube channel For a “kit and kilo” beer it was quite pricey but it did produce a very pleasant lager style beer but perhaps a little bitter. See my taste test video for more details

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