Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit

Magnum - Medium Dry White - 30 Bottle Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry White 30 Bottle Wine Kit makes highly drinkable home made wine in just approx 14 days.

Like all wine making kits it will improve substantially with keeping, the longer the better.

Comes complete with a set of sachets containing the yeast, yeast nutrient, stabiliser and finings.

With this white wine kit you will require the addition of 3.5kg of brewing sugar.

Target ABV 12-14%.

This wine produces a well balanced medium dry white using a concentrate based on a northern Italian Trebbiano grape.

Range Information

This long established brand of wine kit has been sold in large quantities for years and is known for its high quality Italian grape concentrate.

With the gradual withdrawal of these stores from selling home wine and beer products this kit is no longer so easy to find.

Please note this is just an ingredients can and you will need brewing sugar, wine making equipment, bottles and corks.


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