Brewgas S30 Cylinder

Brewgas S30/L30 - Co2 Gas Cylinder (Refill)

Brewgas S30 Cylinder - Refill

This is the most commonly used refillable CO2 cylinder for topping up the pressure in home brew barrels.

It can be used with each of the beer barrels shown on our website, provided that it is fitted with a gas injection valve rather than a simple vent cap.

Just screw the cylinder down onto the valve to start the gas flowing and turn it back to it again to stop.

The gas should be added to the keg in short bursts of 1 second to stop the cylinder from freezing in the open position.

Running the end of the cylinder under hot water after use will also help to prevent this.

These cylinders contain approx. 245g of compressed Carbon Dioxide.


When you purchase this product, you need to send us your empty S30 cylinder to our business address.

Once we have received your empty S30 cylinder, we will ship out your order including a full S30 cylinder.

Please ensure you enclose your name and return address to us within your empty S30 cylinder parcel. 

We need this information so we can send your S30 Cylinder to the correct person/address. 

Hop Shop, 22 Dale Road, Plymouth, PL4 6PE.


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Nov 1, 2023
S30 cylinders
Order ref 10001
I recently returned to you four empty S30 cylinders, 1 of which was still full as the fixing would not screw onto my barrel (thread difference?) Could you please credit me for this cylinder. I have today received the cylinders I ordered. Thank you

Jan 11, 2021
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