Gluten Reduced Pale Ale - All Grain Home Brewing Kit

Gluten Reduced Pale Ale - All Grain Beer Kit

In this recipe we use flaked Maize and rice which have been pre-cooked through the torrifying process, the result is a very light beer in colour and body, with a delicate hop bitterness, it’s a real summer thirst quencher.

Volume: 23L

ABV: 3.8%

EBC: 6.3/3.2

IBU: 22

Please note this kit is not purely gluten free, but uses adjunct malts in order to reduce the amount of gluten per pint.

Each kit comes complete with malts, hops & yeast catered to each recipe.

Range Information

Mash kits crafted and designed in partnership by Brupaks and Crisp Maltings.

Master Brewer at one of the UK’s largest maltings, Crisp, Carl Heron has put together a selection of fantastic recipes for your


Produce 23L of quality home brew with recipes designed for great beers every time!

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