East Kent Goldings Hops

East Kent Goldings Hops 100g

East Kent Goldings Hops 100g - Classic English Aroma Hop

Experience the timeless elegance of East Kent Goldings hops, a staple in brewing traditional English ales.

Cultivated in East Kent for over two centuries, these hops are celebrated for their smooth bitterness and fragrant aroma.

Making them a favourite among brewers aiming for an authentic English touch.

Flavour Profile

East Kent Goldings delivers a balanced moderate bitterness with a delightful floral and citrusy aroma.

Known for its distinct notes of lavender, spice, honey, and earthy undertones, this hop variety imparts a quintessentially English character to your brews.

Its subtle yet complex flavour profile has made it a cornerstone in crafting traditional British ales.

Hop Characteristics

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 4-5.6%
  • Beta Acid: 2-2.7%
  • Aromas: Floral, Citrusy, Lavender, Spice, Honey
  • Substitutes: Goldings, Fuggle
  • Crop Year: 2022
  • Best Before: 08/2027

Beer Styles:

East Kent Goldings is ideal for a range of British beer styles.

Bitters benefit from its smooth bitterness and floral notes, while porters and stouts gain depth from its earthy and spicy characteristics.

Its versatility also extends to Belgian-style beers, where it adds a complex, aromatic profile.

Hop Combinations:

Pair East Kent Goldings with traditional British hops like Fuggle to enhance its earthy and floral qualities.

For a unique twist, combine it with American hops like Cascade, which introduce bright citrus notes and create a distinctive flavor blend in your brew.

Hop Substitutes:

If East Kent Goldings is unavailable, consider using Goldings or Fuggle hops as substitutes.

Goldings offers a similar floral and spicy character, while Fuggle brings an earthy and mild bitterness that can closely mimic the profile of East Kent Goldings.


East Kent Goldings hops are a brewer's ally in creating rich, flavourful beers with a traditional English essence.

Their well-rounded bitterness and aromatic depth make them a versatile choice for various beer styles.

Dive into the heritage of East Kent Goldings and elevate your brewing craft with this classic hop variety.


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