Fuggle Hop

Fuggles Hops 100g

Fuggles Hops: The Classic English Hop Variety

Experience the traditional charm of Fuggles Hops, the quintessential English hop variety. Renowned for their delicate and mild aroma, Fuggles Hops are a staple in the brewer's inventory, adding a timeless touch to beer recipes around the globe.

Fuggles Hop Flavour

Cherished for their unique earthy and herbal aroma, Fuggles Hops bring a subtle bitterness and a distinctive flavour to your brew. Typically used for aroma and dry hopping in a variety of beer styles, the Fuggle Hop introduces an unmistakeable English character to the brew, making them a popular choice for traditional English Ales, American Pale Ales, Lambics, Brown Ale, and Stouts.

Fuggles Hop Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 3.5-5.5%
  • Beta Acid: 2-3.5%
  • Characteristics: Earthy, Herbal, Grassy
  • Substitute: East Kent Goldings, Willamette, Styrian Golding
  • Crop:2019
  • BBE: 08/2024

Fuggles Hop Substitute

If you're looking for substitutes for the Fuggle Hop, East Kent Goldings, Willamette or Styrian Golding hops can be viable alternatives. East Kent Goldings bring a smooth, sweet and honey-like character, while Willamette offers a mildly spicy and fruity aroma. Styrian Golding, on the other hand, is known for its delicate, slightly spicy character. These substitutes can add unique elements to your brew while maintaining an essence of the traditional English character that Fuggle Hops bring.

Pairing Fuggles Hops

Fuggles Hops harmonize beautifully with a variety of other hops, offering a depth of complexity to your brew. Pairing Fuggle Hops with traditional English hop varieties such as East Kent Goldings or Challenger can enhance the earthy and herbal undertones, perfect for English-style ales.

For a modern take, try combining Fuggle Hops with American hop varieties like Cascade or Centennial. This mix introduces a refreshing citrus note, adding a new dimension to your brew.

Beer Styles Using Fuggle Hops

Fuggles Hops are a natural choice for a variety of classic English beer styles, including English Ales, Porters, and Stouts. Their mild bitterness and earthy aroma also make them an excellent addition to American Pale Ale, Lambics, Brown Ale, and other beer styles.

Remember, brewing is an art and each brewer adds their unique touch, therefore Fuggle Hops can be found in an array of beer styles. The key is to explore and discover the flavour combinations that delight your palate.


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