Progress Hops 100g

Progress Hops 100g

Progress Hops: The Sweet Aroma of British Brewing

Progress Hops, often associated with the traditional brewing of English ales, offer a subtly sweet and slightly bitter profile. With their pleasant floral aromas and undertones of grass, mint, and earth, these hops have become a staple in British brewing circles. Both at the start and end of the boil, Progress Hops showcase their full potential, often used for their appealing aroma.

Progress Hop Flavour

Progress Hops bring a slight sweetness that's balanced with a subtle bitterness, contributing to a versatile flavour profile. The mainstay of their character lies in the pleasant floral aromas that intertwine seamlessly with grassy and minty notes. This earthy backdrop serves to deepen the character of these hops, imbuing your brew with a complex yet harmonious profile that excites the palate.

Progress Hop Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 5-7.5%
  • Beta Acid: 1.8-2.7%
  • Characteristics: Floral, Earthy, Slightly Spicy
  • Substitute: Goldings or Fuggles

Progress Hop Substitute

If you're looking for alternatives to Progress Hops, Goldings or Fuggles make excellent choices. Goldings, a quintessential British hop, will complement the floral, earthy, and slightly spicy profile of Progress Hops. On the other hand, Fuggles, with their earthy and robust profile, will offer a similar depth and complexity to your brew.

Pairing Progress Hops

Progress Hops pair harmoniously with Fuggles or Goldings, creating a dynamic duo that enhances each other's characteristics. Fuggles hops bring earthy robustness, while Golding hops lend their sweet, smooth, and honey-like tones, thereby creating a brew that captivates with its balance and complexity.

Beer Styles Using Progress Hops

Progress Hops find a home in various British-style beers. Their sweet, slightly bitter profile with floral, earthy undertones makes them an excellent choice for Cask Ales, Bitters, English Ales, and Scottish Ales. Each beer style benefits from the characteristic aroma and flavour of these hops, leading to an authentically British beer experience.


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