Vienna Malt Barke

Vienna Malt Barke® (Weyermann)

Barke Vienna Malt

A German Vienna Malt produced from quality two-row spring barley Barke®.

This grain is a particularly sought-after base malt for pale ales and blond lagers, especially for Pilsners this is due to how well it maintains its colour during the kettle boil.

In the finished beer, Barke® contributes a good body, a rich and deep malt aroma, and a creamy head with good foam stability.

  • Colour EBC: 6 - 9
  • Tasting: Malty, Sweet, Light Honey, Light Nutty
  • Usage: Up to 100% in all lager Styles.
  • Beer Styles: Bavarian Dunkel, Maerzenbier, Premium Lagers & Ales, Stout, Vienna Lager & more.

Subject to current stock levels, malt is available in bags of 500g and 3 kg.


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