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Coopers - Lager

Great following.

Coopers Lager is produced using the finest Australian premium malted barley and Tasmanian hops.

When fermented these ingredients combine to produce 40 pints of a full bodied Australian lager that is distinctive and refreshing to the taste.

Reminiscent of famous Belgian lagers.

Highly recommended.


1kg of brewing sugar.

Carbonation drops if bottling.

Makes 40 pints.

Range Information

Coopers, a working Australian craft brewery.

Coopers Brewery uses only natural ingredients including malt, hops, sugar, water and a special yeast strain that's over 90 years old.

It ships Worldwide built on a reputation of quality ingredients, commercial recipes & great customer orientation.

With this lager kit feel free to take a genuine lager yeast (Brewferm Lager Yeast) as associated below.

Put this in place of the yeast that comes with the kit, for a crisper, dry, aromatic brew!


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