Geordie Scottish Export

Geordie - Scottish Export - Beer Kit

Taste the Highlands: Geordie Scottish Export Beer Kit

Geordie Scottish Export is a home brew kit that produces up to 40 pints of beer with an approximate 3.8% ABV.

Craft a deep golden, full-bodied ale that has a rounded taste with a distinctive aroma of great Scottish beers.

This real ale brewing kit includes yeast and 1.5kg of malt extract, requiring an additional 1kg of brewing sugar.

For those seeking to enhance their homebrew, consider substituting the brewing sugar with a beer enhancer.

It adds depth and complexity to your brew, resulting in a rich and delicious beer.

Geordie Beer Kits

Geordie Home Brew is synonymous with consistency, value, and authenticity in the UK homebrewing community.

With decades of expertise, Geordie has become a trusted name among brewing enthusiasts.

They offer a no-nonsense, user-friendly approach to beer making, allowing you to enjoy highly drinkable session beers at less than 30p per pint.

The Geordie Scottish Export Kit is just one example of Geordie's offerings, empowering you to craft a unique and delightful beer with minimal effort.

Geordie Scottish Export Beer Kit Instructions


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