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Mangrove Jack's M24 Versa Lager Yeast

Mangrove Jack's M24 - Versa Lager Yeast 10g

Versatile Lager Yeast for Homebrewing

Mangrove Jack's M24 Versa Lager Yeast is a bottom-fermenting, neutral lager yeast strain that thrives across a wide temperature range.

This allows for faster and warmer fermentations while preserving a clean and crisp flavour like a true traditional lager.

M24 Versa Lager produces low levels of diacetyl and sulfur, ensuring a refined final product.

This yeast is perfect for brewing lagers or IPAs where you want the hops to shine without overpowering flavours from the yeast.

Yeast Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 10-25°C
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Up to 13% ABV
  • Attenuation: High (78-84%)
  • Flocculation: Medium (3/5)
  • Beer Styles: Lagers, IPAs, and other clean fermentation beers

Why Choose M24 Versa Lager Yeast?

Mangrove Jack's M24 Versa Lager Yeast is reliable and versatile, making it an excellent choice for brewers who want a clean fermentation profile.

It allows for lager brewing without the need for cold winter temperatures, making it convenient for year-round brewing.

Usage Instructions:

  • Preparation: Ensure your brewing equipment is clean and sanitized.
  • Fermentation: Sprinkle the yeast directly onto up to 23 litres of wort.
  • Temperature Control: Maintain the fermentation temperature within the recommended range for optimal results.

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