SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine Kit

SG Wines - Gold - Pinot Grigio - 30 Bottle Wine Kit

SG Wines Gold Pinot Grigio Wine Kit 30 Bottle (formerly Solomon Grundy)

Experience the crisp, dry elegance of Pinot Grigio with the SG Wines Gold 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit.

Crafted to perfection, this wine kit produces a dry white wine with delicate fruit and floral notes, offering a delightful and sophisticated taste experience.

These exceptional wine making kits allow you to create 'Style' table wines in just 7-10 days, and they continue to refine their flavours when aged longer.

Wine Profile

  • Makes: 30 Bottles/22.5 L
  • ABV: 10.5% Approx.

You will require the addition of 3 kg of granulated sugar (sucrose) or 3.3 kg of brewing sugar (dextrose) for fermentation.

What's in the box?

  • Grape Juice Concentrate Blend Pouch
  • Wine Yeast Sachet
  • Yeast Nutrient Sachet
  • Acid Regulator Sachet
  • Stabilizer Sachet
  • Wine Finings A x 2
  • Wine Finings B x 1
  • Flavouring Add-Back

This wine kit requires basic brewing equipment, along with bottles and corks, similar to the previous Solomon Grundy Platinum range.

SG Wines Gold Range

The SG Wines Gold range is available in both 6 and 30-bottle wine kits, it caters to aficionados who appreciate wine at its best.

Each kit is a testament to the craft of winemaking, designed to produce wines with a commercial appeal, each expressing a unique 'Style.'

This distinctiveness is achieved through thoughtfully selected flavour add-backs, resulting in wines that are truly exceptional.


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