Solomon Grundy Platinum Wine Kit - Rose

SG Wines - Platinum - Rosé

SG Platinum Wine Kit - Rosé (formerly Solomon Grundy)

Embrace the exhilaration of crafting your own subtly complex, rosé wine with the SG Platinum Rosé Wine Kit.

In just 7-10 days, this wine making kit enables you to yield up to 30 bottles of premium rosé, all without the need for added sugar.

Formerly Solomon Grundy, SG Wines steps into a new chapter, while unfalteringly standing by its commitment to top-quality homemade wine kits.

Wine Profile

The SG Platinum Rosé creates a gentle, easy-drinking rosé wine characterised by a subtle fruit complexity and a clean, dry finish.

It's the perfect choice for those with a preference for a delicate and versatile wine.

  • Makes: 30 Bottles/22.5 L
  • Approx ABV: 10.5%

What's in the box?

  • 5 litres of meticulously selected grape juice concentrate to provide the base for your wine.
  • A stabilizer sachet to uphold the high quality of your wine.
  • A sachet of wine yeast and nutrients to catalyse the fermentation process.
  • Wine finings A & B to refine and clarify your wine, elevating its visual allure.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you on this exciting journey of wine crafting.

This wine kit requires basic brewing equipment, along with bottles and corks, similar to the previous Solomon Grundy Platinum range.

SG Wines Platinum Range

The SG Wines Platinum range sets itself apart with its innovative packaging method.

The grape juice concentrate is securely stored in nitrogen-flushed pouches, staving off oxidation and ensuring the optimal preservation of freshness and flavour.

The Platinum range from SG Wines offers exceptional, sugar-free wine at a surprisingly affordable cost, delivering outstanding value.

It's an excellent choice for those hosting parties or events, thanks to its quick brewing time ensuring a steady supply of fine wine.

For the patient ones, allowing the wine to mature over a few months will result in a richness of flavour that continually grows and evolves, creating an increasingly exquisite tasting experience.

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