Micro Brewery Starter Kit - Zesty Wherry

Grab yourself a genuine bargain, the beer kit alone is worth over £20!

A complete starter kit containing the equipment to make beer, lager or cider repeatedly and ingredients to make an initial 40 pints approximately of stunning quality beer.

A choice of Craft brews to make in this case apporx 40 pints @ 4.5 abv:

Amber Ale - Doombar style & more highly hopped.

Pale Ale - Classic British Ale

IPA - Highly hopped version of this British Classic Pale ale.

Wherry - a supreme champion beer of Britain - Zesty Amber Ale.

This kit contains

Basic beer barrel with cap fitted with a 2" cap.

An 8gm CO2 gas injector, a bulb holder and a single 8gm CO2 bulb for use with brews requiring additional auxilliary carbonation.

LCD self adhesive thermometer.

Hydrometer with Trial jar.

30 litre Fermentation bin.

Syphon tube with tap.

Plastic mixing spoon.


It comes with an easy to follow instruction leaflet & our online/phone ready advice.

It needs only the addition of water and a few ounces of sugar for priming the beer in the barrel.

This is a complete starter kit and, being boxed, it makes an ideal gift.

The brew should keep well in the barrel for up to 4 months providing it is kept in cool, carbonation is maintained (natural or added to by bulbs) & out of direct sunlight.

Please note due to an overseas shipping restriction the CO2 bulb will be removed for overseas orders.

One good brew & the equipment has paid for itself.


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