Winexpert Private Reserve Amarone Veneto, Italy wine kit

Winexpert Private Reserve - Amarone (Veneto, Italy)

Winexpert Private Reserve wine kits are outstanding winemaking kits which features the finest varietal juices from around the world.

If you are looking for a wine kit with grape skins, this is the range for you, experience the highest level of craftsmanship and satisfaction.

No added sugar is needed for this winemaking kit, as all the sugar content is contained within the 14 litres of grape concentrate.

Like all wine kits, with time to mature you will experience an increase in quality, improving with age up to and beyond 12 months.

Winexpert Private Reserve Amarone is a deep ruby colour with rich aromas of dark fruit and spice.

Combined with layers of cherry, plum, mocha, dried fruit flavours, warm oak and a firm, lingering finish.

Known as Italy’s most powerful wine, it is renowned as a full-bodied, rich wine.

Dry | Full Body | Heavy Oak | Grape Skins Included | 14% Approx. | Labels: Yes

Range Information

Winexpert Private Reserve Wine Kits have the highest single strength juice and varietal content available.

The majority of the red wines from this range include grape skins, which again adds greater depth to the wine.

Delicious wine is yours for the making, no additional sugar is needed, with unmatched quality you couldn't buy from the store.

Each of these kits contains 14 Litres of varietal grape juice & concentrates, and makes 23 Litres (28-30 bottles) of calibre wine.

Ready in 6-8 weeks, this kit includes the Juice Concentrate, Yeast, Stabilizers, Clarifying Agents and a Full set of instructions.

Please note this is just an ingredients box, and you will need wine making equipment.


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