Winexpert Classic Chardonnay Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic - Chardonnay, California - 30 Bottle Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic - California Chardonnay

Craft Up to 30 Bottles of exceptional homemade wine with Winexpert Classic Chardonnay Wine Kit.

This Californian Chardonnay delivers green apple, citrus and tropical fruit aromas, leading into light citrus and peach flavours with soft vanilla oak and a creamy finish.

Winexpert Classic wine kits are the perfect wine to have on hand for life’s big events and everyday moments.

Like all wine kits, with time to mature you will experience an increase in quality, improving with age up to 12 months.

Wine Characteristics:

  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Oak: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • ABV: 12.5% Approx.
  • Region: California
  • Makes: 23 Litres / 30 Bottles

What's Included?

  • 8L of Grape Juice Concentrate
  • A sachet of yeast
  • A sachet of wine stabilizer
  • A sachet of wine finings
  • Step-by-step Instructions

No additional sugar is required for this wine kit, but you will need basic fermentation equipment, corks, and bottles.

Winexpert Classic Wine Kits

This is the smallest volume available from Winexpert, a foremost supplier of premium wine kits worldwide.

Experience the satisfaction of crafting high quality and versatile wines from the world’s best known countries.

Delicious wine is yours for the making, no additional sugar is needed, with quality as good and even better than store brought.

Each of these winemaking kits contains 8 Litres of varietal grape juice & concentrates, and makes 23 Litres (28-30 bottles) of calibre wine.


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