Winexpert Classic Smooth White Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic - Smooth White - 30 Bottle Wine Kit

Winexpert Classic Wine Kit - Smooth White

Produce up to 30 bottles of delightful, fruit-forward homemade wine with the Winexpert Classic Smooth White Wine Kit.

This white wine is the epitome of "Smooth," with easy-drinking characteristics, juicy pear, and melon notes.

This wine kit does not require any additional sugar and are for both novice and experienced winemakers.

Wine Specifications

  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Body: Medium
  • Oak: None
  • Sweetness: Off-Dry

What's Included?

  • 8L of Grape Juice Concentrate
  • All Required Additives
  • Yeast
  • Step-by-step Instructions

Winexpert Classic Wine Kits 

Winexpert is a world-renowned supplier of premium wine kits, sourcing their juice from some of the finest wine regions globally.

The Winexpert Classic Wine Kits offer a range of wines perfect for every occasion, from life's grand events to everyday moments.

With aging potential of up to 12 months, these kits promise an increase in quality over time, delivering a truly exceptional wine experience.


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